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28. november 2018 - 29. juni 2019
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As we near the end of the season, here are a few more events that may interest you:
Do you sing or play an instrument? Come along to ÅPEN MIKROFON I ÅS – it’s gotta be Norway’s best Open Mic Night!  15th June as a part of Ås Festival
Skrattvatten: Norway's (or At least Ås') best a Capella ensemble! With fabulous harmonies, and great outfits Skrattvatten is ready to charm you! Put on your 50s dress and bryllcream your hair to a shine - join in the fun! (June 14th).
Charlotte Audestad - new music from a cool chick. 
Myfanwy Moore - Artistic programing.

Adresse: Moerveien 1 1430 Ås
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